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    Mold in Air Duct

    Mold needs two things to grow and thrive; damp and dark spaces. While the air ducts in your home are theoretically air tight, any break in the installation and the introduction of moisture, can immediately present mold with the right conditions to grow and thrive.

    Mold is one of the most damaging substances for your home. Inhaling certain forms of mold, like black mold, can even be deadly, though the typical side effects are less severe and range widely from person to person based on their sensitivity to mold or the presence of any allergies.

    If you decide to sell your home then any presence of mold can be a major negative for a homeowner and require costly mold removal or remediation projects, or a reduction in your home sale price. These costs become more and more costly when you let the mold grow.

    Mold in Your Air Ducts

    As noted above, the air ducts in your central air system are ripe for mold infestation, given the presence of any break in your system. Debris build up and any form of infestation can be the trigger that leads to the entry of mold. One way to reduce the possibility of mold in your air ducts is to schedule regular (no more frequent the annually) air duct cleanings which can detect and remove mold in your system. Here is what occurs with the typical air duct cleaning when mold is identified.

    What forms of Short-Term Mold Remediation are Performed?

    If the air duct cleaner identifies that the insulation on your air duct has mold and the insulation is wet, then it is not possible to simply clean it. Instead, the sections with mold need to be removed and replaced. If the mold is on portions of your air duct that are not wet or damaged and the mold is thriving off of small amounts of condensation, the mold is sometimes moved with biological agents that remove the mold build up and kill any mold.

    What forms of Long-Term Mold Remediation are Performed?

    It is challenging to remove all of the mold spores and, because you wouldn’t want to incur the cost of having whole sections of your air ducts removed, there are other alternatives performed. If the conditions are right for mold growth, then mold will return. As such, an air duct cleaning will perform several tasks including:

    • replacing the insulation that was leading to any breaks in the air duct allowing moisture to enter
    • identifying the source of the moisture and providing recommendations on how to correct this problem
    • application of a chemical substance known as a biocide that can kill mold colonies and keep mold from growing back
    • applying a sealant to your air duct to help to prevent the mold colonies from taking sprout in the future

    Stopping mold from spreading is important and early detection through an air duct cleaning is important. At any sign of mold or unidentified health problems be sure to schedule an air duct cleaning immediately. The cost of the cleaning is more than balanced out by greater health and reduced risks.

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